Spiderwebs and Dew

I felt like I had spiders in my hair a full two hours after taking this picture.


Walking Walker

Walking Walker, originally uploaded by CoriK..

This is my favorite plant in the whole world. It was the nicest thing my ex ever gave me and a symbol of better times. As horrible as I was to it, Walking Walker never died. When I moved to Seattle, WW stayed behind with my Mom and is currently in her garden having a wonderful time.

“Tradescantia pallida is a species of spiderwort (a genus of New World plants) more commonly known as Wandering Jew, a name it shares with the closely related species T. fluminensis and T. zebrina.
The colloquialism “Wandering Jew” is of indeterminate provenance insofar as being applied to the plant in question; it cannot really be said when, where, or by whom it was first called this, but, considering the term’s negative connotation, it would perhaps be safe to assume that the originator’s intent was not to highlight the plant’s more favourable qualities.
Other common names include Purple Heart and Purple Queen.”

Pacific Ocean-Ocean Park, WA (Long Beach Peninsula)

Pacific Ocean, originally uploaded by CoriK..

Wonderful weekend getaway with the girls…drank, relaxed on the beach, snapped a few photos(too busy relaxing, you see) and now back to reality. Though I will miss the sun, I will miss my beach hair even more.

Grumpy Albert

Albert, originally uploaded by CoriK..

The DOF and colors on this one really work for me..

Cityscapes-Seattle Style

Lower Queen Anne, originally uploaded by CoriK..

So, I have a feeling the next photo contest theme will be cityscapes. I’ve done a few before and I like them okay…nothing fantastic, you know? Anyways, my goal this week is to get as many different views of the city as possible. Here’s my destination list: Kerry Park, Space Needle and the Columbia Tower. I’ve been to Kerry Park and the Space Needle before and I like the range of shots I can get there. Columbia Tower will be a first for me. Hopefully it will provide the perfect Seattle cityscape.
I plan on hitting these locations twice, once at sunset and once in the dark of the night. Will post the results as I get them.

Idaho..or Washington

Idaho..or Washington, originally uploaded by CoriK..

I really love the tilt-shift feel of this photo! Taken from a moving car on my cross-country move from Austin to Seattle, this picture turned out pretty darn good.


Belou, originally uploaded by CoriK..

I had Belou for 8 years before she passed away. I was lucky to get that long with her. The Feline Leukemia didn’t actually affect her body until the last 4 months of her life. This is a photo from around that time. She loved the sun and would sit by these curtains for hours.
Surprisingly, this photo is SOOC. Other than using the indoor light setting on my camera, there was no post processing involved. I love the composition and the cool tones…most of all I love the little super star right in the middle.